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Gdynia Dive
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Gdynia Dive

Gdynia Dive Diving Center is a passion, enthusiasm and professionalism

The company was founded in 2007 as the culmination of my career. As an Naval Officer I was responsible for the development of Marine Special Forces. Due to professional knowledge of a risk over and under the water, I decided to run diving center. Today Gdynia Dive is a resilient running, well-known diving center, which I'm proud of it. Join us because "Diving is the only area where the bottom achievement is a success"
Visiting us, you can either talk about courses or other activities in different languages such as: Polish, English, Spanish and Russian.


Office address - Orna 9 Street, Gdynia 81 -574
Phone/Fax – 0048 58 629 58 07
email: biuro@gdyniadive.pl
open hours – Monday to Friday at 10.00 till 18.00
Peter Niewinski
Mob: 0048 608 637 224
email: piotr@gdyniadive.pl

Name of company :   Centrum Nurkowe Gdynia Dive – Piotr Niewiński
Registration Address:   ul. Orna 9, 81-574 Gdynia, Poland
NIP: 743-109-46-53
Bank account:   Alior Bank 90 2490 0005 0000 4500 7950 3838
IBAN:   PL 90 2490 0005 0000 4500 7950 3838

Our Offer:

Our staff is a professionals and enthusiasts, for which diving is also a way of life. As the only Diving Center in 3-city we have our own pool, where in the ambient conditions, you can practice basic diving elements. During our training sessions the most important is safety. Our training system is based on gradual achievement of its objectives. This way, in a logical and systematic way, you can gain the necessary knowledge and skills. After each diving workout there is possibility to use a Jacuzzi or sauna. Gdynia Dive runs its courses using the training system PADI.

Examples of basic courses:



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